International Economics- Romance Languages (IERL) Major Worksheets


 Required Romance Languages Courses:

  • one 20202-level course or above
  • one 30310 course
  • two 30000 level courses
  • two 40000-level courses

 *see specific language advising sheets linked above for program-specific details

Required Economics Courses

See the Department of Economics

Required Core/Research Courses:

  • Exploring International Economics (1.0 credit hour) course to be taken spring of Sophomore year
  • Senior Research Project
international econ research
International economics research project on immigration, educational attainment and intergenerational mobility in France.

Senior Research Project

The Senior Research Project is a required 3 credit course for all International Economics majors. In this course, students will produce a high-quality research paper combining their language and culture studies with economics.

Students will learn about research methods and writing. Instructive feedback and guidance will be provided by the professor throughout the research and writing process. The course is offered both in the Fall and Spring semesters. 

The guidelines for the project are as follows:

  • The final paper should be 20-25 pages in length.
  • The paper is usually written in English but may be written in the target language upon approval.
  • 30% or 3-5 sources should be in the target language.

By the end of semester prior to the course, it is recommended that you have a topic and advisor so you can begin work right away.


For Romance Languages specific questions, contact Shauna Williams at

For Economics-specific questions, contact Tim Dunne in the Department of Economics at .