Valentina Geri



Ph.D., Italian Studies

Research Interests

Valentina Geri's research focuses on contemporary Italian literature and, specifically, on Primo Levi's works. Already in her MA at Notre Dame, Valentina has concentrated on the importance that intertextuality plays in his texts, specifically concerning Shakespearean references in Levi's work.

Valentina's background is in Modern Languages and Literatures, English and German (she holds a BA and an MA from the University of Siena, Tuscany). She has been a visiting student both at University of Heidelberg, Germany and in the U.S, at Colby College Maine.



 "La circolarità negata in due romanzi di formazione: The Jungle Books e Trainspotting.Anglistica Pisana, vol. X, no. 1-2, 2013, 185-197.

Contact Information

343 O'Shaughnessy Hall

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University of Notre Dame
Department of Romance Languages and Literatures
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Notre Dame, IN 46556