Maria Sole Costanzo

Research and Teaching Interests

Italian Renaissance, History of the Language, Multilingualism, Self-Translation, Philology, Digital Humanities, Second language acquisition


Maria Sole is a fourth year Ph.D. candidate in the Italian Literature Program at the University of Notre Dame (IN). Her doctoral dissertation “Leon Battista Alberti and the languages of the Italian Humanist Quattrocento” investigates Alberti’s linguistic engagement with Latin, Greek and the vernacular language throughout his life as a central feature to his creation of a public persona as a cultural innovator. A further area of her studies considers women in High Italian Renaissance: Maria Sole has been a Contributing Researcher for the Isabella D’Este Archive Project since 2015. Her research interests include Italian history of the language, vernacular and Latin Humanism, philology, textual criticism, self-translation, and Digital Humanities.


Maria Sole Costanzo, “Edizione critica delle postille di Bernardo Zucchi” in Bernardo N. Zucchi, Diario (1741 – 1752), vol. I, ed. Marco Nava – Nicolò Premi (Bergamo : Sestante Edizioni, 2019).