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M.A. French and Francophone Studies

Research Interests

Originally from Naples, Florida, Lindsay earned her B.A. in French (with Honors) and Spanish from Florida State University in 2019. While a student at Florida State, Lindsay was the recipient of the Winthrop-King Undergraduate Scholarship in French, funds which enabled her to study the French language  at the Institut Catholique de Paris for a summer semester of 2018. As an Honors Medallion recipient, Lindsay completed and defended a senior thesis, which identified and examined lexical lacunae (semantical gaps) found when comparing two 20th century English translations of Indiana by George Sand. Her current research interests are contained within the 19th century, but more specifically literature produced just before and directly following the beginning of the Belle Époque (1871-1914). She is eager to delve into the realist and naturalist movements, particularly the study of moral depravity, sin (particularly capital sin), portraits of beauty/ugliness, femininity and biblical parallels found in the works of Émile Zola. Lindsay is looking forward to teaching the French language while a student at Notre Dame, as her primary goal is to further her studies at the doctoral level to eventually work in academia as a professor of French literature. 

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