Kathleen McDonald



M.A. Iberian and Latin American Studies

Research Interests

Kathleen is currently a student in the BA/MA program.  She is from Minnesota and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from the University of Notre Dame.  While her academic interests are widespread, her undergraduate years studying both Spanish and medicine have led her to be very interested in how narratives concerning gender, trauma, and memory are expressed through representations of body and health in Latin American and Iberian literature.  In the spring of 2017, she participated in the Human Development Conference at Notre Dame and presented her research paper entitled "The Subversive Vulnerability of the Female Body in the Literature of Latin American Women Writers".  This paper analyzed the portrayal of the female body, specifically one that is wounded and sick, within the literature of several key Latin American women writers and how these literary representations of body critique and discuss the perceptions of physical, sexual, and mental health within the medical field.  She is incredibly excited to be continuing her studies at Notre Dame and looks forward to the coming academic year. 

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