Joaquin Venturini

Research and Teaching Interests

Psychoanalysis (Freud, Lacan); disciplinary and sovereign power, history of madness and abnormality, history of sexuality (Foucault, Castells); theory of exchange related to the problem of vengeance, justice, and punishment (Mauss, Derrida).


Since the completion of my B.A. in Anthropology, I have worked as professor and researcher at the University of the Republic. I started my Ph.D. in the Spanish program at the University of Notre Dame in August 2020, honored with a Presidential Fellowship in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Currently my work is oriented towards the relations between psychoanalysis and poststructuralism, particularly in the work of Michel Foucault. I am interested in the decline of sovereign power, centered on the punishment of the transgressor, and the expansion of disciplinary power, centered on the assimilation of abnormality into our culture.

I am also studying the Freudian concept of the Unheimlich for aesthetic-literary research. Following E. Trías on the modern nature of the enjoyment for uncanny scenes, I think that the figure of the specter becomes increasingly influent in 19th century fictional imaginary. Thus, I am especially interested in the ghost as a figure of the uncanny par excellence and its different variations (vampire, doppelganger, undead, animation of the inert) in the imaginary that has nourished fantastic narrartive and its influence on Hispanic-American literature in the time of our modernization.



A. Craviotto Corbellini y J. Venturini Corbellini (Eds.). Saber, placer, verdad. Michel Foucault y el psicoanálisis. Montevideo: 2019, CSIC, Departamento de publicaciones de la UdelaR. Disponible en:(PDF) Saber, placer, verdad. Michel Foucault y el psicoanálisis | Joaquín Venturini Corbellini and Agustina Craviotto Corbellini -

A.M. Fernández Caraballo y J. Venturini Corbellini (Eds.). Estudios sobre aprendizaje. Sujeto, psicopedagogía, psicoanálisis. Montevideo: 2019. Departamento de Publicaciones de Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educacion, UdelaR. Disponible en:

Peer reviewed works

Venturini, J. Metapsicología, estructura, sujeto. De las valencias del yo al estadio del espejo. In: A. M. Fernández Caraballo (Ed.). La identificación en psicoanálisis. Claves para el estudio en la enseñanza y el aprendizaje. Montevideo: 2017, CSIC, Departamento de publicaciones de la UdelaR.

Venturini, J. Del «sujeto de la ciencia» y la «Ideología». Un desencuentro entre Lacan y Althusser. Memorias del Coloquio Internacional 50 años de Lire le capital. October 28, 29 and 30 of 2015. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Online:


Venturini, J.: Craviotto, A. Los rostros de Foucault. Entrevista a Edgardo Castro. Ñacate, Journal of the Ecole lacanienne de psychanalise. Online:

Venturini, J.: Craviotto, A. En torno a Foucault. Una bestia magnífica. Entrevista a Edgardo Castro. In: Semanario Brecha. November 24. Montevideo.


Marcelino Viera. Modernidad sublimada. Escritura y política en el Río de la Plata. In: Orbis Tertius, vol. 25, núm. 31, 2020. Online:

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