David DeGrood



M.A. French and Francophone Studies

Research Interests

David is originally from Minnesota and graduated with his B.A. in French & Francophone Studies from Davidson College in 2017. During his undergraduate studies he was able to spend the 2014-15 academic year abroad in Tours, France, where he earned his DALF C1 certification. His undergraduate research focused on reproductive technologies and evolving family structures in France. He has also performed extensive laboratory research on the chemical composition and health impacts of hookah smoke under the supervision of Dr. Cindy DeForest Hauser. His current research interests focus on the 20th century de-Orientalization/destigmatization of the hookah pipe in Occidental and specifically French contexts. More broadly, he is interested in the cost-benefit analyses of cultural practices that are detrimental to human health.

Contact Information

343 O'Shaughnessy Hall

Mailing Address:
University of Notre Dame
Department of Romance Languages and Literatures
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Notre Dame, IN 46556