Rev. Gregory Haake, C.S.C.

Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies



B.A., M. Div., University of Notre Dame; M.A., Middlebury College; Ph.D. Stanford University

Research Profile

Fr. Haake works on the intersection of literature, politics, and religion in sixteenth-century France. His current research focuses particularly on the decline of religious and political authority before and during the period of the French wars of religion (1562–1598) and how writers, poets, dramaturgists, and others reacted to this decline either by attempting to rehabilitate traditional modes of authority or to replace them. He maintains an interest in lyric poetry, namely that of Maurice Scève and the Pléiade, and in the latter's discussion of the role of epic.

Contact Information

159 Decio Faculty Hall
(574) 631-0460
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University of Notre Dame
Department of Romance Languages & Literatures
343 O'Shaughnessy Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556