Pedro A. Aguilera-Mellado


1 Pedro A Aguilera Mellado

Assistant Professor of Modern Spain


BA, MA, Universidad de Granada; MA, PhD, University of Michigan-AnnArbor

Research Profile

Professor Aguilera-Mellado teaches and researches on Modern and Contemporary Spanish literature and culture, with a particular focus in the deconstruction of Modern ideas and culture. His main areas of interest are 18th-21stCentury Iberian literatures, cultural studies, film, visual arts, modern and contemporary continental philosophy, critical theory, aesthetics, and religion. Recent publications include: “‘Trazo Sacrificial’, Capital y Guerra Global Contemporánea: Apuntes sobre María Zambrano y Las Variaciones Guernica (Guillermo G. Peydró, 2012),” Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, Routledge, 19:2, 2018. 191-207; “‘Goyesque Gaze’: Image, Violence, and Dignity-Potency,” Hispanic Research Journal. Latin American and Iberian Studies (forthcoming); and “‘(Not)Speaking of the Other’: Death and Re-creation of the Other, or On the Re-production of Capitalism as Religion. A Reading of La tierra que Pisamos (2016) by Jesús Carrasco,” Hispanic Issues (forthcoming)


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