John P. Welle

Professor of Italian
Concurrent Professor of Film, Television, and Theatre




B.A., St. John's University; M.A.T., College of St. Thomas; M.A., Ph.D., Indiana University

Research Profile

A specialist in modern Italian literature and culture, Professor Welle's interests include twentieth-century poetry and translation, early and silent cinema, film and literary interactions, and popular culture and media. He is the author of The Poetry of Andrea Zanzotto (1987) and the editor of Film and Literature, Annali d'Italianistica (1988). His translation and edition of Peasants Wake for Fellini's Casanova and Other Poems by Andrea Zanzotto (1997, with Ruth Feldman), was awarded the Raiziss-de Palchi Book Prize from the Academy of American Poets. He has published articles in such journals as Bianco e Nero, Cinema & Cinema, Film History, Yale Italian Poetry, Lectura Dantis, Annali d'Italianistica, Italica, Rivista di studi italiani, and World Literature Today. He has contributed book chapters to such volumes as The Italian Cinema Book (2013), Italian Silent Cinema: A Reader (2013), Edoardo Sanguineti: Literature, Ideology and the Avantgarde (2013), The Printed Media in Fin-de-Siecle Italy: Publishers, Writers and Readers (2011), Early Cinema and the “National” (2008), Dante, Cinema & Television (2004), Incontri con il cinema italiano (2003), A nuova luce: Cinema muto italiano (1999), and Pasolini: Old & New (1999).

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