Carlos Jerez-Farrán

Professor of Spanish

Carlos Jerez-Farran


B.A., University of Sheffield, U.K.; Ph.D., University of Massachussetts, Amherst

Research Profile

Jerez-Farrán's research and teaching interests include modern Spanish literature, especially contemporary theatre and poetry, the relationship between the visual arts and literature, the avant-garde literary movements in Spain, gay and lesbian literature, Spanish cinema, and feminist studies. His first book deals with the relationship between Valle-Inclán's later works and Expressionism. His two new books on Lorca: Un Lorca desconocido: Analisis de un teatro irrepresentable' (Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva,2004) and La pasión de San Lorca y el placer de morir (Visor 2006) combine feminist studies, queer theory, psychoanalysis, and literary criticism to propose alternative readings of García Lorca's texts. A recipient of an NEH Research Fellowship, Jerez-Farrán has published several articles in refereed journals such as The Modern Language Review, Modern Drama, and Bulletin of Hispanic Studies. He is the main editor of the recently published Unearthing Franco's Legacy: Mass Graves and teh REcuperstion of Historical Memory in Spain and is involved in a comparative book-length study of the works of Luis Cernuda and García Lorca.

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