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Scholar of Latin American Studies Joins Faculty

Author: John Slott

Joshua Lund

Joshua Lund finds studying a combination of literature, visual culture, and art to be the richest way to think about social problems in Latin America. He joins the Department of Romance and Romance Languages as an associate professor of Spanish and is a scholar of literature with expertise in Latin American film, political history, and cultural politics.

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Spanish Students Connect with South Bend Through Community-Based Learning

Author: Josh Weinhold

Community-based learning with Spanish majors at Notre Dame

Through a series of new community-based learning Spanish courses at Notre Dame, undergraduates are improving their language skills both inside and outside the classroom. The learning model is based on the idea that a faculty member and local organization leader are co-educators—the experience is designed to be mutually beneficial to both the class and the community group. Spanish students in intermediate-level and community-based learning classes now average about 3,000 hours of service per year in South Bend.

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Video: Meet French Major Paulina Luna

Author: Todd Boruff

Pauli Luna

“I’ve always been fascinated by France, and I just love the sounds of the language,” said Pauli Luna ’15, a French and Francophone studies major in the College of Arts and Letters. The major instructs students in a truly global language, spoken by nearly 275 million people worldwide. Courses on French literature and culture immerse students in the diverse aspects of French life while also helping them develop problem-solving and analytical skills.

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Pair of Romance Languages Faculty Honored with Joyce Awards

Author: Aaron Smith

Presidential seal

Karen Richman and Sandra Teixeira, faculty members in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, have received the Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C., Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

Established in 2007, the Joyce Award honors faculty members “who have had a profound influence on undergraduate students through sustained exemplary teaching at Notre Dame.

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Video: Meet Italian Major Sara Spittler

Author: Todd Boruff


“I love the language itself,” said Sara Spittler ’15, an Italian major in the College of Arts and Letters. “It’s so beautiful, and I’ve never really studied another language that I could speak and feel comfortable in, so that just gives me a whole new sense of confidence and that I feel is really important in a college education.” The Italian major incorporates language acquisition with immersion into the culture and literature of Italy. Students become proficient in the cultural vocabulary of Western civilization while developing critical thinking and analysis skills.

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Video: French Majors Enhance Their Studies with Research Abroad

Author: Todd Boruff

Curran Cross

Sometimes, you just have to see things for yourself.

Rising senior Curran Cross and 2015 graduate Anne Seul both spent summers poring over archives in Paris, using funding from the Nanovic Institute for European Studies to travel and bolster their research for senior thesis projects.


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