Summer Program in Toledo, Spain

Author: Maurcia Marschke

Summer Toledo

Program Dates: June 15 - July 27, 2017

The Notre Dame Summer Spain program is located in Toledo at the Fundación Ortega- Marañón (FOM), which was founded by a private academic research institute from Madrid. FOM houses the International Program of Spanish Language, Latin American and European Studies and was inspired by the liberal spirit and intellectual legacy of two great Spanish humanists, Jose Ortega y Gasset and Gregorio Marañón. It promotes cross-cultural student and faculty exchanges.

Toledo, located about 40 miles south of Madrid, has been called the quintessential Spanish city; for Cervantes, Toledo was "the glory of Spain and the light of her cities." For two thousand years, its central location made Toledo the coveted prize of a variety of peoples—Romans, Visigoths, Moslems, and Christians. Toledo 's architecture and monuments display a splendid variety of medieval and renaissance styles, from Arabic mosques to Jewish synagogues and Christian churches. The city is also famous for its collection of El Greco paintings, one of the largest in the world.

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