Professional French Masters Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Deadline to appy: Friday, April 15th 2016

Author: Lauren Anderson

Attention French Majors!

April 20th is the deadline for Fall 2016 applications for the Professional French Masters Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. See or contact us for details.


Meanwhile, check out our short cartoony ad, featuring narration by our current student Yoann Buidin (international education).


If you would like to visit the program, we’d love to have you at our annualDéjeuner du printemps, which takes place in Madison on Friday, April 15th.  Our guest will be Québécois filmmaker Christian Laurence, whose short talk will be called “Réaliser la francophonie.”  The creator and star of a wild new show on TV5, “Tabous et interdits,” Christian also co-founded the international francophone film collective, Kino00, and is also a longtime PFMP collaborator.  In addition to lunch and Christian’s short talk called “Réaliser la francophonie,” we’ll be screening his recent documentary, “Du hockey propre,” about the 1977 American cult film SLAP SHOT.  Please let me know by April 1st if you would like to be our guest at this event.


A ne pas oublier: the PFMP is about getting a job.  You would also be welcome to join us on campus at 4pm on Friday, April 29th, for our nextPFMP Alumni Round Table, “Professional French Studies for a Career Outside Academe.”  This round table features a handful of PFMP alumni, working in areas ranging from finance to software to champagne, who will be back in town to tell their stories and talk about how the program helped them build their careers. Let me know if you’d like to attend this event, and we’d be happy to host you.


Program core courses in French are on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons this semester—you are welcome to sit in on those courses if you are visiting us.