Immigration and the Construction

Author: Maurcia Marschke

On Saturday,

W Vazquez Gilberto Visit 2177

W Vazquez Gilberto Visit 2239

W Vazquez Gilberto Visit 2259

April 2nd, 2017 - Professor Botero's class Immigration and the Construction of Memory did a field trip on the West side of South Bend. We started the day visiting the beautiful home and art collection of Prof. Gilberto Cardenas and his wife Dolores Garcia and were delighted with a presentation from renown artist Scherezade Garcia and photographer William Vazquez. Then we continued to La Casa de Amistad where we were greeted by Humberto Delgado. Students had the opportunity to learn about the many projects that La Casa offers the community. We were able to use their facilities to do a hands-on workshop on creating I am Poems in Spanish. We finished the day with lunch from La Taqueria Chicago.  

We were very grateful for a great day and the support of TBC grant.