Graduate Student Paola Uparella wins the 16th Annual Feministas Unidas Essay Prize

Author: Maurcia Marschke

Congratulations to our graduate student Paola Uparella who has won the 16th Annual Feministas Unidas Essay Prize, granted by the international, MLA-allied organization, Feministas Unidas.  Her winning essay, "Guaman Poma y la güergüenza colonial" studies Guaman Poma's overlooked textual and visual representation's of indigenous women's "güergüenzas" (güergüenzas is a colonial-era expression that articulates genitalia, usually female, to shame; in this research it refers specifically to the indigenous woman's vagina and anus under inspection by the colonial authorities in seventeenth-century Peru).  The prize-winning essay forms part of Paola's pioneering dissertation Gaze, Power and Genitality: Colonial Bodies and the Visual Engendering of Gender.  A published version of the essay is forthcoming this summer.