Fall 2020 Course Offering: Creole Language and Culture III

Author: Staff

Creole Language and Culture III

Fall 2020

Karen Richman, Professor

This course celebrates the language of Kreyòl, and the cultures and histories of its speakers.  Students engage critical studies of colonialism, revolution, race, migration and neoliberalism, in tandem with the development written and oral communicative competence in the language. Music, art, food and film enhance the study of Kreyòl language and culture.  Those looking to develop or improve their language skills and/or to work, volunteer or conduct research in the Caribbean or the Caribbean diaspora are also invited to enroll. This course is the third segment of a four-course sequence through the Intermediate II level.

Registration Info

LLRO  20212, CRN 20669

ANTH  20212, CRN 20671

AFST  20576, CRN 20670

T R – 2:20-3:35  Westlake 226 

Contact krichman@nd.edu for more information