DIVEDCO exhibit

Author: Staff

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Prof. Thomas F. Anderson and Prof. Marisel Moreno’s bilingual virtual exhibit, El arte al servicio del pueblo: carteles, libros, películas y periódicos de la División de Educación de la Comunidad is now open at expodivedco.sagrado.edu. DIVEDCO's production ran from 1949-1990 and included booklets, posters, and films that sought to instruct rural Puerto Ricans about issues regarding health, family, community-building, sustainability, national history, social justice, democracy, migration, cultural traditions, etc. These works were produced by Puerto Rico's most renowned artists and writers. Therefore, this archive offers a window into Puerto Rican history during one its most transformative periods, the second half of the 20th century. The works included in the exhibit are part of their personal collection.

Please take time to visit the website expodivedco.sagrado.edu to learn about this Puerto Rican cultural treasure.

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