Prof. Juan Vitulli authors book

Author: Julie Logue

Instable Puente by Juan Vitulli

Instable Puente: La construcción del letrado criollo en la obra de Juan de Espinosa Medrano is the first complete study of the life and works of this 17th century Peruvian priest who is considered today as the most significant letrado criollo (creole man of letters). In particular, the book focuses on how Juan de Espinosa Medrano composes an ensemble of texts (a treatise on poetry, theater, and several sermons) that demonstrates his ability to master the European literary code, while simultaneously undermining the supposed natural preeminence of Spanish intellectuals over the colonized. The book integrates Peninsular Spanish and Latin American cultures through the common field of the Baroque, without losing track of the explicit differences of each. Instable Puente undertakes a comprehensive analysis of the complete works of Espinosa Medrano in the context of the cultures, religious beliefs, economic structures, and political institutions of its day.

"Professor Vitulli presented his last book on Juan de Espinosa Medrano at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru". For more details click here