Alumna Paola Uparela Receives Two Article Awards

Author: Maurcia Marschke

Foto Uparela Sor Juana 1 768x1024 Vanesa Miseres

ND PhD alumna, Paola Uparela Reyes, has recently been the recipient of two article awards: -2023 José María Arguedas Essay Award for the essay:‘Multiplicarse ha la tierra de gente y de fruto’: Gender and Re-production in Las Casas’s and Guaman Poma’s Biopolitical Projects (1516, 1615) by LASA (Latin American Studies Association) - Peru Section. ·

-2023 Sturgis Leavitt Award for the article: ‘Yo llana estoy’ o el despliegue de una virginidad queer by SECOLAS (South Eastern Council for Latin American Studies) 

The Spanish program is very proud of Paola's career accomplishments as they reflect the academic excellence we envision for our students during and after their ND experience.  You can find Paola's articles in her page:

Congratulations, Paola!