Humanities on the Edge: The Chilean Experience


Location: Room 1050 Jenkins Navovic Halls

Opazo Poster

Cristián Opazo, Associate Professor of Latin American
Literatures and Cultures at the Pontificia Universidad
Católica de Chile and Director of Research Affairs and
Graduate Studies, focuses his research on drama, gender,
performance and the underground. He is the author of a
large corpus of peer-reviewed articles and the 2011 book,
Pedagogías letales: ensayo sobre dramaturgias chilenas de
post-dictadura. At present, he is completing the book
Clandestine Repertoire: Chilean Theatre and Underground
“This talk will scrutinize the meaning of ‘entrepeneurship,’
‘innovation,’ and ‘social impact’ – the key words of the
discourse of the universities inserted in the globalized
world – and share strategies for the effective re-positioning
of the works/knowledges of the humanities in the public