Italian Concert


Location: Decio Theater, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Italian Concert

Friday April 7 at 7pm in Decio Theater at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Join us for an evening of live performances and sing a longs, organized by students and faculty in the Italian Program. With you we will explore the culture and history of Italy through its music. The concert has been organized by Lesley Sullivan and students enrolled in her class on Italian music, culture and grammar. The band features Lesley Sullivan (vocals), John Dean (drums), Nicole Mariani (bass), Joseph Rosenberg (guitar), Pierpaolo Polzonetti (clarinet and sax), Alexander Mansour (piano) and Anne Leone (vocals). Performances of songs will be interspersed with recollections and reflections on Italy’s musical traditions by members of the Italian faculty. 

This event is part of the Romance Languages International Week.

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