Greed, Empathy and Evolution in Reverse: "Our Common Home" from Papal Encyclical to Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity


Location: Hesburgh Center Auditorium

Posterreber Lecture 2016 1

Dierdra Reber is the author of Coming to Our Senses: Affect and an Order of Things for Global Culture (Columbia UP, 2016). Coming to Our Senses is an exhilarating work, one whose erudition, verve, and span of cultural references and evidence make for fantastic reading. Reber is a rare example of a scholar who has the depth of knowledge and the creativity of perspective to apprehend cultural processes on a scale that handles interregional comparison with care and insight. In this and many other senses, Coming to Our Senses is a model of cutting-edge humanistic scholarship. You can find out more about her book here: