Italian Film Night: Il Gioiellino


Location: 141 DeBartolo Hall

Italian Club sponsored N.D. Italian Film Nights Fall 2014Selections from the 2014 Italian Film Festival, USA.  This semester we will be screening films from Italian directors that were chosen to premier this year in a number of major American cities.  They deal with current Italian headlines, trends and fascinations. Two offerings are dramatic films and two are comedic, but all four are have been nominated for and/or awarded major Italian and International filmmaking awards.  Please join us on the following Monday evenings at 6:30 in 141 DeBartolo HallBuona visione!

Il Gioiellino (Andrea Molaioli, 2010)– A conglomerate food company operating on five continents, quoted in the stock exchange, and in continuous expansion in new markets: this is what is known as a 'jewel'.  The founder, Amanzio Rastelli, placed his closest relatives--his son and his granddaughter--and trusted managers in key positions, despite their lack of formal training in business.  Management is unfit to face the challenges of today's market and the company goes further and further into debt. It is not enough to falsify the financial statements, inflate sales, ask favors from politicians, nor pass the risk to investors through creative financing operations ever more daring.  The abyss has become too large and will swallow everyone.