Italian Film Night Diaz - Don't Clean Up This Blood


Location: 141 DeBartolo Hall

Club sponsored N.D. Italian Film Nights Fall 2014 - Selections from the 2014 Italian Film Festival, USA. This semester we will be screening films from Italian directors that were chosen to premier this year in a number of major American cities. They deal with current Italian headlines, trends and fascinations. Two offerings are dramatic films and two are comedic, but all four have been nominated for and/or awarded major Italian and international filmmaking awards. Please join us on the following Monday evenings at 6:30 in 141 Debartolo Hall! Buona Visione!

Diaz - Don't Clean up this Blood (Daniele Vicari, 2012) - A film inspired by the events that took place in Genoa during the G8 in 2001, when 300 police officers and 70 special agents raided the Diaz school looking for demonstrators.

Inside the school were 90 activists, mostly students from around Europe along with a handful of foreign reporters. As the police burst in, the young demonstrators raised their hands in surrender. Undeterred and unmoved, the police unleashed a calculated frenzy of violence.