The requirements for a major in Romance Languages and Literatures include competency in two languages and successful completion of 36 credit hours or 12 courses at the 200 level and above, distributed equally between the two respective language programs as follows:

  • Two survey courses in each language and literature program (French or Italian); Spanish requires either four survey courses (two in peninsular and two in Latin American) or a combination of two survey courses in one area and two 400-level courses in the other area;
  • Textual Analysis in one program;
  • Two 400-level courses in each program (if the survey requirement in Spanish is fulfilled with two 400-level courses, these courses may count for the 400-level requirement in Spanish);
  • One senior seminar in one program;
  • Two elective courses at the 200 level or above in the department (any exception requires permission).

For questions about the Romance Languages and Literatures major please contact Professor Shauna Williams, Assistant Chair

Romance Languages Major Worksheet (pdf)