Spring 2018 - International Economics-Romance Languages Courses

Subject to change. Please refer to insideND for up-to-date, accurate information. 

LLRO 33000-01 Exploring International Economics and Romance Languages
M 5:00-6:00
D. DellaRossa, M. Flannery, and S. WIlliams

In this special course designed for inquisitive international economics / romance language majors, students will attend a number of lectures, panels, and seminars on campus during the semester, with a follow-up discussion for each led by either a visitor or a member of the economics or romance languages faculty. Before each session, students will be expected to complete a short reading assignment. At each follow-up session, the students will submit a 1-2 page summary and analysis of the talk, with a critical question for discussion. The goal is to encourage students to enrich their major experience by participating in the intellectual discussions that occur amongst ND and visiting scholars across the campus, distinguished alumni, and professionals in the field.

Offered Every Fall and Spring
ECON/LLRO 48100 - Senior Research Project
F 12:30-3:15
F. Spence & S. Williams

The Senior Research Project is a required course for all International Economics majors. Students will produce a high quality research paper combining their language and culture studies with economics. Students will learn about research methods and writing. Instructive feedback and guidance will be provided by the professor throughout the research and writing process.