B.A. / M.A.

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B.A. / M.A. in French and Francophone and Iberian and Latin American Studies.

Applications must be completed online using the Graduate School's Apply Yourself website. Please go to the Graduate School's website link to apply. 

Program Description

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures offers outstanding undergraduate majors the opportunity to apply for early admission into the graduate program through a combined B.A. / M.A. degree in French, Italian or Spanish.


The B.A. / M.A program requires students to complete a 30-credit undergraduate major followed by a total of 30 credit hours of graduate courses taken during the fourth and fifth years of residence. Six credit hours may be counted toward both undergraduate and graduate degrees. During their senior year, participants in this program complete two graduate courses, take the oral qualifying exam given to all first-year graduate students, and apply to the Graduate School for admission during the spring semester.

During the fifth year of study, students complete their remaining credits, including required courses in literary criticism and comparative literature, and take a comprehensive written examination. Before taking the comprehensive exam, students must demonstrate competency in a second foreign language by passing a reading exam or through successful completion of appropriate course work. Students are encouraged to fulfill the departmental language requirement by studying another Romance language.

B.A. / M.A. students are eligible for a teaching fellowship during their fifth year that includes a tuition waiver and a generous teaching stipend. A preliminary orientation, "Methods of Foreign Language Teaching" and "Practicum in Teaching" are required of all graduate teaching assistants.


Interested candidates should contact the Director of Graduate Studies or the Graduate Coordinator in their program no later than in the Spring semester of their junior year. For individual program requirements and reading lists please click on the relevant links to the left.