Siena - Italy

Ambrosiana Library

This great European library and manuscript collection, founded in 1607, is duplicated at Notre Dame, with microfilms of over 12,000 manuscripts and 50,000 photographs, including 10,000 Old Master drawings.

Demergasso Fund

A generous bequest that funds yearly initiatives in Italian, including the theatre production, trips to the Lyric Opera of Chicago, Italian Club activities, and other Italian cultural events.

Devers Program in Dante Studies

A pre-eminent endowed center for Dante studies, sponsoring visiting professors and scholars, lectures, research travel grants, postdoctoral appointments, seminars, conferences, exhibits, Internet development, publications (the Devers Series in Dante Studies is the premier series for Dante editions and scholarship), and rare book acquisitions. The Zahm Dante Collection is one of the three greatest Dante library collections in North America, with a complete series of rare Renaissance editions (see Renaissance Dante in Print). Many of the world's leading Dantists regularly lecture or teach at Notre Dame; in September, 2003, Notre Dame hosted the fourth triennial International Dante Seminar, the top gathering of Dantists in the world.

Devers Postdoctoral Fellowship in Italian Studies

Normally appointed for two years, the Postdoctoral Fellow teaches two courses in Italian Studies each semester, and pursues research.  Fellows normally go on to Assistant Professorships in Italian or related fields.

Italian Cinema

With the allied resources of the Department of Film, Television and Theatre and the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, Notre Dame is a leading center for the study of Italian cinema, with a variety of courses and screenings each year.

Italy Firenze


Notre Dame is a founding member of the international consortium that develops on-line resources for Italian studies, including the Opera del Vocabolario Italiano (full searchable textbase of all early Italian texts to 1375), Renaissance Dante in Print (exhibit-catalogue of Renaissance editions of the Comedy in Notre Dame's Zahm Dante Collection), the fully-searchable Inventory-Catalogue of the Drawings in the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, the Catalogue of Pre-1600 Vernacular Texts in the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, the International Gramsci Society Homepage and On-line Journal, the Franco-Italian On-line Archive (mixed French-Italian language texts from the twelfth century to the Renaissance), and Progetto Italica.

Medieval Institute

Gathers the largest contingent of medievalists in North America, a prestigious graduate program, an important lecture and conference schedule, and an outstanding library, including a vast collection of original, microfilm, and facsimile manuscripts, and an extraordinary reading/reference room.

Nanovic Institute for European Studies

Generously funds graduate and undergraduate research and travel, visiting scholars, graduate fellowships, faculty research, conferences, lectures, and publication, in the area of modern European studies.

Opera del Vocabolario Italiano

Notre Dame has had a long working relationship with this prestigious philological institute, the heir to the 17th-century Accademia della Crusca, in charge of producing the Italian National Dictionary.  Advanced graduate students at Notre Dame have the opportunity to spend a year in Florence working at the OVI, researching and producing real entries for the dictionary.

Progetto Italica

An innovative web-based interactive language and culture immersion program, based on video from Italian national TV archives and links to native sites, developed at Notre Dame.

Ravarino Travel Scholarships

About six, of up to $3,000 each, are awarded each year to continuing Notre Dame undergraduate and graduate students for summer study in Italy.  Italian Studies Opportunities  Ravarino Scholarship Flyer (pdf)

Ravarino Visiting Distinguished Professor in Dante and Italian Studies

Each year a different world-renowned senior scholar teaches two courses, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.  Recent Visiting Professors include Zygmunt Barański, Piero Boitani, and Franco Ferrucci.

Rome Humanities Center

Currently under development, the Center will draw together advanced work by Notre Dame faculty, visiting scholars, and graduate students, host conferences and symposia, and serve as the hub for Notre Dame undergraduates studying in Rome.  The Center will offer focused courses for undergraduates, facilitate their enrollment in Italian universities, and serve as a point of exchange with La Sapienza, the University of Rome.

Visiting Italian Fulbright Scholar

Each year a leading Italian scholar teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Italian literature and culture.  Recent visitors have included Francesco Sberlati, Carla Locatelli, and Michele Nicoletti.

Zahm Dante Collection

The greatest of a number of endowed library collections in Italian at Notre Dame, the Zahm Dante Collection is one of the three major Dante libraries in North America.  Founded through the acquisition, around 1900, by Father John Zahm, CSC, of the private collection of Giulio Acquaticci, the Zahm Collection contains a nearly uninterrupted run of Dante editions and publications on Dante, including virtually all of the Renaissance editions of the Comedy, as well as facsimiles of early manuscripts, and a virtually complete history of illustration of the poem.