In 2010, Notre Dame launched the Italian Studies at Notre Dame program. Learn more at italianstudies.nd.edu.

Language, Literature, and Culture

Language, literature, and culture form an integrated whole in a curriculum with great flexibility and variety. The five-semester basic sequence (10101, 10102, 20201, 27500, 30310) is the state-of-the-art in language acquisition, incorporating culture and literature, and the most advanced teaching technologies and methodologies. While perfecting language skills, upper level courses explore the breadth of Italian literature and culture, from the duecento to the present, from literature to film and politics, and teach advanced skills in analysis, critical thinking, and lucid writing.

Italian majors have gone on to advanced degrees in a variety of academic disciplines, or have pursued careers in law, business, medicine, advertising, film, journalism, consulting, or teaching, often working for multinational coporations with the opportunity to travel or live abroad.  A deep immersion in another language and culture will enrich your life, deepen your understanding, and open new possibilities.  (Statistics show that most upper-level executives majored in the arts and sciences, not in business!)

Intensive Language Sequence

An intensive language sequence (10115, 20215) concentrates the first four semesters of the basic sequence into one year.  The intensive courses are offered each semester, and allow rapid progress toward upper-level courses (30310 and above) or full-immersion study in Italy.

Major, Supplementary Major, and Minor in Italian

The Italian Studies Program offers undergraduates many options: a Major, Supplementary Major, and Honors Major in each of two concentrations, plus a Minor.

The Literature and Culture Concentration is for students who want the deepest immersion in the language, and who wish to study great literature, cinema, and general Italian culture.  This concentration corresponds to the traditional major in Italian language and culture, and is recommended also for anyone contemplating graduate work in Italian.

The Italian Studies Concentration is for students who wish to craft their own broader interdisciplinary program centered on Italy, based on proficiency in the language and a grounding in the culture.

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Italian Studies Student Sarah Spittler: Studying Abroad for Italian Studies