Post-Graduate Opportunities

Tyler in Mexico

Careers for Spanish Majors

99% of recent Notre Dame Spanish majors found full-time employment, enrolled in graduate school, or entered service programs within six months of graduation.

The range of opportunities available to Spanish speakers is vast and continually growing. A working knowledge of Spanish has become an asset to employment in all major U.S. cities. Changes in the global market and the increasing importance of Latin America have made Spanish an essential tool of communication.

The study of Spanish complements a number of majors, and is particularly helpful for students interested in communications, economics, education, political science, law, medicine, and social work.

In addition to the practical advantages that multilingualism affords, our students develop invaluable skills in critical, interpretive, and creative thinking that can be used in a variety of career paths.

Graduate Programs

Graduates of our program are regularly accepted to some of the most prestigious doctoral programs in the country and have received Fulbright scholarships and other major post-baccalaureate awards.

Learn more about what alumni have done with their Spanish first and supplementary degrees, check out our student and alumni profiles.

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