Placement Exam

Casey Hall, ND student studying abroad in the Rain Forest with her friend Mr SlouthCasey Hall, ND student studying abroad, investigates the Rain Forest with her friend Mr Slouth

All students who have taken prior coursework in French or Spanish are required to take a departmental placement exam before enrolling in their first course in those languages. Students who have already demonstrated language proficiency through national standardized testing, such as the AP, SAT II or IB may be exempt.

Information regarding the Placement Exam:
  • You will not be able to enroll in a class until you have taken the exam.
  • The exam is an on-line multiple choice format exam
  • The exam consists of questions on vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension
  • There is no oral or listening component
  • The exam takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and scores are generated immediately
Important dates regarding taking the Placement Exam:
  • Take the exam no later than two weeks before registration begins
  • Deadlines
    • November 1 to register for the Spring semester 
    • March 1 for Summer session
    • April 1 for the Fall.

First-year students are strongly encouraged to take the exam in the summer prior to the start of the Fall semester of freshman year.

For instructions and to begin the exam, please click the link on the bottom of the page. After you have taken the exam, print your results. You will not have access to the score report screen again. Bring your score report to our department office for advising. 

For additional questions, you may contact Professor Shauna Williams, Assistant Chair.

Instructions are available here.