Our Alumni

What can you do with a degree in Spanish?

Kate Rowland

(B.A. University of Notre Dame, 2000) Family Physician, Chicago
"The ability to speak Spanish helps me on a daily basis—about one-third of the patients I see in my office are Spanish-speaking only—and I am able to provide care to a much wider range of people."

Virginia "Gia" Gulino

(B.A. University of Notre Dame, 1998) Texas Border and Mexican Affairs Division of the Office of the Texas Secretary of State.
"Spanish has been an integral part of my life since leaving Notre Dame and has brought me many opportunities but has also allowed me to help others who are monolingual Spanish speakers and are often isolated at the fringes of our society."

David Schulte

(BA/MA University of Notre Dame, 1998) Associate in the law firm of Thompson & Knight, LLP, in Dallas, Texas. "The nature, extent, and quality of this education provide a solid base for graduates to pursue virtually any discipline".

Michael Lazzara

(B.A, University of Notre Dame, 1997, PhD Princeton University) Associate Professor at the University of California, Davis.  "I will always remember my professors at Notre Dame who, each in different ways, serve as models for the type of teacher, scholar and mentor that I hope to become for my own students."

Susan Carvalho

(BA University of Notre Dame, PhD University of Virginia), Professor of Spanish and Associate Provost for International Studies at the University of Kentucky.  "The excitement of a career in literary studies was born directly from my experiences within and beyond the classroom at Notre Dame."