Community Based Learning

Community Based Learning (CBL) offers students the opportunity to work with the local Latino community in a variety of services. For additional information on Community Based Learning please contact Rachel Rivers Parroquín


Important documents 
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The Community Alliance to Serve Hispanics, C.A.S.H., is a service and social action club that pairs ND/SMC students with opportunities to perform community service in the Hispanic community in South Bend.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club gathers students from all levels of Spanish for discussions, film, dances, and other social activities. For more information, please contact Professor Elena Mangione-Lora and Tatiana Botero .  

President - Sophia Rodawig  
Vice President - Joseph Mullen
Secretary - Ava Gruener 
Treasurer - Olivia Coyle


The Tertulia/Spanish Conversation group holds approximately four meetings per semester, each dedicated to a specific theme related to Spanish or Spanish American Culture.  Tertulias are held in Decio Commons/Cafeteria from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. For further information, please contact Professors María Coloma or Ivis Menes.