Admissions and Financial Support



A full, five-year funding package for every PhD student, and two years for MA students. Graduate students admitted with teaching fellowships are granted tuition remission and a stipend. Fellowships include health benefits and additional funding for research and conference travel. 

Exemption from teaching duties in the first year of study (for all students accepted in the PhD program) and in the fifth years of study (contingent of their satisfactory advance towards their degree).

The College guarantees funding for graduate students through the first five years of graduate study, contingent on satisfactory progress towards the degree. Students receive a 12-month stipend. Many students receive additional funding in the form of premium fellowships and other top-up funds. 

Guaranteed Sixth-Year Postdoctoral Fellowship 

Students who finish in five years (i.e. complete all requirements for the degree at least 10 days before the start of what would otherwise be their 11th semester, see below) are guaranteed a one-year postdoctoral fellowship, with a teaching load of no more than one course per semester.