Exchange Program


Notre Dame Graduate Exchange with Université de Rennes 2, France

The University of Notre Dame Department of Romance Languages and Literatures offers a graduate exchange program at the Université de Rennes 2—Haute Bretagne, in the historic capital of Brittany. 

The Université de Rennes 2 is the most important research center and higher education community for humanities and social sciences in Western France, and enrolls 20,000 students on three campuses.  It is the site of a dynamic intellectual community and a lively cultural scene.  Our exchange involves the college of Arts, Lettres et Communications on the Villejean campus, located on a convenient metro line to vibrant downtown Rennes, with its cafés, boutiques, and historical pedestrian zone.  See the university’s website for full description and the city’s website for ideas on the exciting lifestyle of this student-centered city.

Rennes Map

The Notre Dame student is in residence at Rennes 2 for the academic year and takes coursework in Lettres (Modernes et Classiques, méthodologie) and Langue, and teaches English language and American culture courses to French students.  Full details on curriculum, teaching responsibilities, salary, and logistics are available from the Notre Dame faculty representatives listed below.  Potential candidates include any advanced graduate student (M.A. or Ph.D.) in good standing with a specialization in French.  The selection process takes place in early spring; the deadline for applications is mid-March.  Selected participants should plan to arrive on campus in Rennes by early September of the relevant academic year.


For more information, please contact:

Alison Rice, Associate Professor in French and Francophone Studies at