Dante's Ante-Purgatorio

Location: Rome Global Gateway, Via Ostilia, 15

Blake Dante Purgatory 9

Sponsored by the Devers Family Program in Dante Studies, this short ‘seminar’ on Dante’s Ante-Purgatorio will be held on the afternoon of Thursday 21 May 2020 and on the morning of Friday 22 May at the Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway in via Ostilia.

The main aim of the meeting is to begin to assess the functions, structures, and principal concerns of the Ante-Purgatory, arguably the most original section of Dante’s afterlife. Although the meeting will be organized around the nine cantos that treat the first part of Mount Purgatory, analyses will not follow the traditional lectura Dantis format, but will focus primarily on those elements in each canto that provide information on the Ante-Purgatorio.

The seminar is divided into two sessions. Five speakers will briefly introduce their paper, which will be circulated to invited discussants at the beginning of May. The remainder of each session to be dedicated to discussion of the papers.

The languages of the seminar are Italian and English.

21 May
Cantos 1-2: Giuseppe Ledda (Bologna)
Cantos 3-4: George Corbett (St Andrews)

22 May
Cantos 5-6: Heather Webb (Cambridge)
Cantos 7-8: Theodore J. Cachey, Jr. (Notre Dame)
Canto 9: Federica Pich (Leeds)


Originally published at italianstudies.nd.edu.

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