Hernán Reinaudo Tango Concert


Location: Patricia George Decio Theatre


Hernán Reinaudo is one of Argentina's most outstanding new-tango musicians. He is the recipient of the 2016 first prize of the Fondo Nacional de las Artes in Argentina in the category Tango. Previously, he won the Clarín Award in the category Tango Revelation and was nominated twice for the "Carlos Gardel Award" (the Argentine Grammy). Hernán has worked on more than 25 album productions, has participated in symphonic projects, and composed the music for the film "La Máquina que hace Estrellas" (Nuts Studios). He has toured America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. 

Tango is a style of music in 2/4 or 4/4 time that originated in the 19th century among European immigrant populations of the Rio de la Plata region (Argentina and Uruguay). Tango grew from a combination of forms: Cuban habanera, milonga (a type of folk dance), African candombe and Italian melodies. Immigrants made a major contribution to the development of tango, especially Italians, the group with greater numbers and from where the first musicians came. They gave to the tango its melancholic and nostalgic air. At first, tango was prohibited in many public places, due to its "voluptuous" nature and its working-class origins. A long time passed before it was approved in "proper" people's homes and in high society. At the beginning of the 20th century, tango was accepted in France and spread through Europe and the rest of the world.

Family friendly, all ages are welcome. This is a free but ticketed event.

Co-sponsored by Kellogg Institute for International Studies and Office of Undergraduate Studies.



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