Cambridge Vertical Readings in Dante's Comedy: Workshop on Purgatorio XI


Location: Room 121, Information Technology Center

This workshop on Purgatorio XI will be presented via teleconference with scholars and students from the Universities of Leeds, Notre Dame and Cambridge. Please feel free to bring your lunch to eat during the workshop and brief discussion to follow.

A lecture by Dr Paola Nasti of the University of Reading on Inferno XI, Purgatorio XI, and Paradiso XI will take place at 1pm (EST) in Cambridge to be broadcast online at a later date. Previous lectures in the series are available for viewing online.

Cambridge Vertical Readings in Dante’s Comedy is a four-year long series of workshops and public lectures organized by the Department of Italian at Cambridge in collaboration with the Leeds Centre for Dante Studies. The Italian Studies Program at Notre Dame collaborates with Leeds and Cambridge to coordinate the workshops which take place via teleconference.

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