Romance Languages and Literatures Grading Policy

The purpose of grading is to provide a fair assessment of student performance which can be useful in furthering a student’s scholarly and professional development. Grades can have multiple functions, including evaluation, motivation, communication, encouragement of student reflectivity, and feedback to instructors. For grades to be useful to the student, it is important that they be determined according to principled criteria, established and clearly communicated by the instructors. Grades in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures are earned according to the following guidelines, developed by the Academic Council:

A Truly exceptional = work meets or exceeds the highest expectations for the course
A- Outstanding = superior work in all areas of the course
B+ Very good  = superior work in most areas of the course
B Good = solid work across the board
B- More than acceptable… = …but falls short of solid work
C+ Acceptable: meets all basic standards = all the basic requirements and standards for the course
C Acceptable: meets most basic standards  = basic requirements and standards in several areas
C- Acceptable: meets some basic standards = falls short of meeting basic standards in several areas
D Minimally passing = work just over the threshold of acceptability
F Failing = Unacceptable performance

All courses in the Department use the following grading scale, established by the Department:

96% to 100   = A
90% to 95.9%  = A-
87% to 89.9%   = B+
84% to 86.9%  = B
80% to 83.9%  = B-
77% to 79.9%  = C+
74% to 76.9%  = C
70% to 73.9%  = C-
60% to 69.9%  = D
59.9% or below = F