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Learning Outcomes and Assessment

In its ongoing commitment to undergraduate teaching and learning the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures initiated a project in 2006-07 that sought to establish student learning goals for all levels of the curriculum, as well as an assessment plan to measure whether those goals are being met.

Learning goals for beginning and intermediate language courses were completed in 2006-2007. In 2007-08 the department drafted learning goals for the upper-division and for each program.

Learning goals for the major

Lower-division learning goals:

Upper-division learning goals

Assessment Project

As an extension to the learning goals project, the Committee for the Study of Romance Languages & Cultures (CSRLC) piloted a year long assessment project focusing on oral assessment.  The committee report can be found below along with common rubrics for oral assessment by level

Oral Proficiency - Executive Summary

100000 Level Rubric (pdf)
20000 Level Rubric (pdf)
30000/40000 Level Rubric (pdf)