Undergraduate Programs

The study of other languages provides educational and professional opportunities relevant to an increasingly interdependent world, while learning more about the enduring achievements of other cultural and literary traditions.

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures offers majors and supplementary majors in French, Italian, and Spanish, as well as minors in Italian, and Portuguese. Along with the Department of Economics, a major in International Economics Romance Languages is offered. Students may also study two languages through our Romance Languages major, or pursue an interdisciplinary Italian Studies concentration.

For questions about our undergraduate programs please contact Professor Shauna Williams, Assistant Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Career Outcomes

In our globalized economy, fluency in the Romance languages opens up a world of opportunities — both in the U.S. and abroad. Many students add a major or minor in French, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish to complement another field of study like business, pre-med, history, philosophy, or political science. 

The skills fostered in learning a language — including communication, confidence in new environments, and critical, interpretive, and creative thinking — are invaluable in a wide variety of career paths, from business and law to medicine, education, and the arts. Our majors graduate not only with the satisfaction and advantages that multilingualism affords but with a deeper understanding of other ways of life, as well as their own lives.

Learn more about the career outcomes of all of our graduates below.

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