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Las ruins de Chichen Itza, Yucatan, MexicoLas ruins de Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

Spring 2018

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Name Office Hours Office Phone Office Hours Location
Williams, Shauna

Director of Undergraduate Studies 

By Appointment Only:

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574-631-6886 343 O'Shaughnessy Hall
Anderson, Thomas


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574-631-6887 343 O'Shaughnessy Hall
Azcarate, George     329 DeBartolo Hall
Bahia, Marcio 169 Decio Faculty Hall
Baranski, Zygmunt


574-631-0376 332 Decio Faculty Hall
Blad, Alessia


574-631-4521 157 Decio Faculty Hall
Bocchia, Pietro   574-485-7950 253A O'Shaughnessy Hall
Botero - Jauregui, Tatiana


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574-631-5211 155 Decio Faculty Hall
Boyle, Kathleen 156 Decio Faculty Hall
Bravo, Luis
  253A O'Shaughnessy Hall
Cachey Jr., Theodore


 574-631-5651 314 Decio Faculty Hall
Coloma, Maria

and by appointment (


MWF 10:30-11:15 @ 153 Decio

MWF 2:55-4:00 @ 304 DeBartolo

DeGrood, David     253A O'Shaughnessy Hall
Dell'Oso, Lorenzo      
Di Palma, Gabriella Decio 122
Douthwaite Viglione, Julia


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574-631-9302 120 Decio Faculty Hall
Fernandez Moreno, Maria 
and by appointment 163 Decio Faculty Hall
Ferri, Sabrina

By appointment only
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574-631-3737 209 Decio Faculty Hall
Francalanci, Leonardo

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574-631-7485 167 Decio Faculty Hall
Guerra, Guido 122 Decio Faculty Hall
Haake, Greogry csc


574-631-0460 159 Decio Faculty Hall
Haileselassie, Azeb   574-631-5181 164 Decio Faculty Hall
Heller, Ben

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574-631-6556 205 Decio Faculty Hall
Jancha, Monica



574-631-7686 118 Decio Faculty Hall
Jáuregui, Carlos




574-631-2536 162 Decio Faculty Hall
Jorza, Diana Roxana   574-631-7853 348 Decio Faculty Hall
Juarez-Almendros, Encarnacion



154 Decio Faculty Hall
Leone, Anne   574-631-7332 179 Decio Faculty Hall
Luna, Rossana     329 DeBartolo Hall CSLC
Lund, Joshua   


165 Decio Faculty Hall 


MacKenzie, Louis


574-631-7133 108 Decio Faculty Hall
Mangione-Lora, Elena



 at CSLC (329 DeBartolo)

Marcantonio, Lesley
or by appointment
574-631-6887 105 Decio Faculty Hall
Masurier, Valentin     253A OShaughnessy Hall
Menes, Ivis   574-631-6020 330 DeBartolo
Menyard, Odette Angers France    
Miseres, Vanesa   574-631-3868 106 Decio Faculty Hall 
Moevs, Christian



346 Decio Faculty Hall
Mora Hernández, Valeria

Click here for an appointment 343 O'Shaughnessy Hall (12-1)
338 O'Shaughnessy Hall (2- 3)
Morel, Olivier


574-631-8399 230J DPAC (FTT)
Moreno, Marisel


 or by appointment

574-631-6737 172 Decio Faculty Hall


Olivera-Williams, Maria Rosa


574-631-7268 265 Decio Faculty Hall
Oswald, Katie


574-631-0429 100 Decio Faculty Hall
Parroquin, Rachel


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574-631-2713 206 Geddes Hall
Palamara, Joseph     329 DeBartolo Hall (CSLC)
Quintero, Santiago   574-631-6887 Library Lobby
Reaves, Alisha

and by appointment

574-631-7331 177 Decio Faculty Hall
Rice, Alison by appointment only, contact Stephanie Hasse 631-7530 574-631-7513 175 Decio Faculty Hall
Rodriguez Camacho, Andres     329 DeBartolo Hall (CSLC)
Rogé, Anne 253A O'Shaughnessy
Serafini, Tiziana

    or by appointment 116 Decio Faculty Hall
Solarte Gonzalez. Ruth


  253A O'Shaughnessy Hall
Sparrow, Katie 122 Decio Faculty Hall
Stojanovic, Sonja


  168 Decio Faculty Hall
Teixeira, Sandra   574-631-0462 206 Decio Faculty Hall
Topash-Rios, Andrea

 Also before/after class or by appointment

574-631-0463 328 DeBartolo Hall (MW)
124 Decio Faculty Hall (T)
Toumayan, Alain   574-631-7480 347 Decio Faculty Hall 
Uparella Reyes, Paola      
Vitulli, Juan

and or by appointment

574-631-7129 158 Decio Faculty Hall
Vivirito, Patrick


574-631-0458 128 Decio Faculty Hall
Welle, John  by appt. 574-631-7204 111 Decio Faculty Hall
Werner, Kathleen
and by appointment 170 Decio Faculty Hall