Italian Studies Faculty

World-renowned Dante expert Prof Theodore Cachey Jr and students of Italian Studies read Dante during a campus wide eventFaculty and students of Italian Studies read from Dante during a campus wide event

Teaching and Research Faculty

  • Zygmunt Baranski, Professor of Dante and Italian Studies
  • Theodore J. Cachey Jr., Professor of Italian, the Albert J. and Helen M. Ravarino Family Director of Dante and Italian Studies and Inaugural Academic Director of the Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway
  • Francesco Cotticelli, Fulbright Visiting Assistant Professor, Italian
  • Sabrina Ferri, Associate Professor
  • Martin McLaughlin, Visiting Professor, Italian
  • Christian R. Moevs, Associate Professor
  • Vittorio Montemaggi, Associate Professor of Religion and Literature, Concurrent Assistant Professor, Department of Theology
  • John P. Welle, Professor of Italian, Concurrent Professor of Film, Television, and Theatre


  • Alessia Blad, Professional Specialist, Italian
  • Katie Boyle, Visiting Assistant Professional Specialist, Italian
  • Jacopo Galavotti, Research Visitor, Italian
  • Giovanna Lenzi-Sandusky, Associate Professional Specialist, Italian
  • Anne Leone, Research Assistant Professor, Italian Studies
  • Tiziana Serafini, Visiting Assistant Professional Specialist, Italian
  • Lesley Sullivan, Visiting Assistant Professional Specialist, Italian
  • Patrick Vivirito, Associate Professional Specialist, Italian

Graduate Students

Emeritus Faculty


The Visiting Distinguished Professor in Dante and Italian Studies. Recent and current visitors include: Piero Boitani (Rome), Franco Ferrucci (Rutgers and Macerata).

The Visiting Italian Fulbright Scholar. Recent Fulbright professors include Carla Locatelli (Trent) and Piero Boitani (Rome).

The Devers/Core Program Postdoctoral Fellow. Recent Fellows include Justin Steinberg (now Assistant Professor at Chicago) and John Kerr (now Assistant Professor at St. Mary's of Minnesota).

Allied Faculty in Italian Studies

Alexander Blachly (PhD, Columbia), Professor of Music. Late medieval and Renaissance music; founder-director of early vocal music ensemble Pomerium.

Martin Bloomer (PhD, Yale), Associate Professor of Classics. Latin literature, ancient historiography, history of education.

Keith R. Bradley (Litt.D., Sheffield), Shaheen Professor of Classics. Greek and Roman social and cultural history.

Joseph Buttigieg (PhD, SUNY Binghamton), Keenan Chair in English, Fellow of the Nanovic Institute. Modern British literature; literary theory and cultural politics; authority on Gramsci.

Robert R. Coleman (PhD, Chicago), Associate Professor of Art History. Late Renaissance, Baroque, and 18th century Italian art; Project Director of the Inventory-Catalogue of Ambrosiana Drawings.

JoAnn DellaNeva (PhD, Princeton), Associate Professor in French. Renaissance French, Italian, and Comparative Literature; Franco-Italian literary relations; Petrarchism; Renaissance women writers.

Dennis Doordan (PhD, Columbia), Professor of Architecture, Concurrent Professor in Art History. Architectural history, modern Italian architecture, urbanism, and design.

Bernd Goehring (ABD, Cornell), Instructor. Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Italian Philology.

Vittorio Hösle (Dr. Habil., Tübingen), Kimball Professor of Arts and Letters, Professor in German, Concurrent Professor of Philosophy, Concurrent Professor in Political Science, Fellow of the Nanovic Institute. Philosophy, history of philosophy, Vico, Machiavelli.

Louis Jordan (PhD, Notre Dame), Librarian, Head of Special Collections, Associate Director of Devers Program in Dante Studies. Italian bibliography, history of the book.

Barbara Kenda (PhD, Pennsylvania), Assistant Professor of Architecture. Renaissance architecture and design; Venetian architecture; set-design.

Brian Krostenko (PhD, Harvard), Associate Professor of Classics. Late Republican literature, Roman cultural semiotics, Latin linguistics.

Margaret Meserve (PhD, Warburg), Assistant Professor of History. Renaissance history; Renaissance Italy and humanism.

Thomas Noble (PhD, Michigan State), Professor of History, Conway Director of the Medieval Institute. The Carolingian world; late antiquity; papal history; medieval Rome.

Pierpaolo Polzonetti (PhD Cornell University), Associate Professor of Music and Liberal Studies. 18th-century music and opera studies.

Charles Rosenberg (PhD, Michigan), Professor of Art History. Italian late medieval and Renaissance art; Renaissance patronage, portraiture.

Thomas Gordon Smith (PhD, Berkeley), Professor of Architecture. Classical architecture; Vitruvius.

Carroll Westfall (PhD, Columbia), Frank Montana Professor of Architecture. Renaissance Rome; architecture and urbanism in Italy and America.