Xiaoyi Zhang



M.A., Italian Studies 

Research Interest

Xiaoyi Zhang is a second-year M. A. student in Italian Studies. Before coming to Notre Dame, she obtained her B. A. and M. A. in English Literature (Medieval and Renaissance), but wrote a thesis for her M. A. degree in Peking University on the Commedia. All of her previous studies lead to Dante and she is now devoted to Dante studies. Her current research interest is the correlation between the Commedia and Trecento and Quattrocento Florentine civic and ecclesiastical rituals, such as the wedding ceremony, power pageantry, and the memorial service. Specifically she will focus on the nuptial imagery in the Commedia, a topic that involves the theological exegesis of the Song of Songs and the historical process of sacramentalizing the secular Italian marriage rituals.

Undergraduate Institution

B.A., University of International Business and Economics; M.A., Peking University

Contact Information

343 O'Shaughnessy Hall