Bretton Rodriquez



Ph.D. in Literature


B.A., The University of Chicago; M.A., The University of York

Research Profile

Bretton is primarily interested in the relationship between literature and history in medieval and early modern Iberia. More specifically, he studies how writers used the past to justify political power and construct identity through creating authorizing narratives. This is true both in more “historical” genres, such as chronicle and biography, as well as in more “literary” ones, such as epic, romance, and theater. Bretton is also interested in how these narratives were influenced by contemporary historical and literary movements, for example the advent of humanism in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Furthermore, he wants to contextualize these Iberian narratives by comparing them to similar texts from other parts of Europe, especially those produced in England.

Contact Information

343 O'Shaughnessy Hall