Diana Roxana Jorza

Assistant Professor, Spanish Literature and Culture 
Faculty Fellow of the Nanovic Institute for European Studies

Diana Jorza


B.A., M.A., "Babes-Bolyai" University, Cluj Napoca, Romania; M.A., John Hopkins University; Ph.D. Princeton University

Research Profile

Diana Roxana Jorza specializes in modern and contemporary Spanish literature and culture, focusing on 20th-century film and narrative, the relationship between hegemonic and alternative public spheres, Spanish intellectual history, humor and comedy. Her published articles are included in Revista Hispánica Moderna, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, Studies in Hispanic Cinemas, and Bulletin of Spanish Studies and focus on the Spanish Neorealism, the Civil War cinema and religious melodrama, as well as political and literary utopias. Her current interdisciplinary research on Spanish film comedy centers on a largely unknown cinematic corpus that has greatly contributed to the visibility of new, alternative role models in the harsh period of Franco’s dictatorship. Her next project deals with the modernizing public projection of some popular collections of Spanish serial literature.

Recent Publications

“Authority and Excess in Cielo negro (1951): Challenges of Religious Melodrama in the Spain of the Fifties”. Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 90 (2013): 311-30.
“Triunfalismo nacional y mística guerrera en ¡Harka! y ¡A mí la Legión!“. Bulletin of Spanish Studies LXXXIX.7-8 (2012): 49-59.
“La figuración de una utopía política en El delirio de Turing de Edmundo Paz Soldán”. Revista Hispánica Moderna 65.1 (June 2012): 47-64.
“A Neorealist Melodrama’s Problematic Contention with Hollywood: Calle Mayor (1956)”. Studies in Hispanic Cinemas 7.2 (July 2010): 117-32.

Contact Information

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